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Over the years other major data companies have gotten the word about our scrupulous data. That’s why we’re proud to state that we are a supplier of data to many of the significant players in the direct marketing and list industries. Chances are you very well may have already experienced the success that our targetable data provides.

Through our own proprietary technology, Direct Data is able to pinpoint our clients exact data requirements and ensure a high standard of validity. Our data is put through a rigorous hygiene process so our clients can rest easy knowing they can count on proven results.

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Postal Data

Our records contain some of the most precise information you will find in the industry. We make sure that every record is NCOA’d on output to assure that your mail piece reaches its intended recipients.

Auto Data

Direct Data is building the largest and most accurate U.S. Auto owner database from factual-only sources (DPPA compliant as amended by the Shelby Act). We use a rigorous corroborating record technique. It is fed new data weekly to every 90 days (depending on the source).

Email Data

We maintain an active opt-in email database of over 230 million consumers. our expertise and experience insures that your email reaches its target and delivers the results you expect.

Anonymous Website Visitor

The Power of the MagicPixel! Identify anonymous website visitors and have personalized marketing in their hands in less than 72 hours. Through proprietary technological advances, Sales360 is now offering Internet Protocol (IP) address append services with daily automated marketing solutions.

Hygiene Services

Clean and accurate data is the foundation of any good marketing campaign. We provide NCOA and CASS postal hygiene on all records. In addition we append and validate cell phone numbers and email addresses keeping your records deliverable and up to date.

Modeled Data

We like to call it the "beautiful bucket". The 3% of the people who are InMarket to buy the product you are selling. By tracking millions of data points and behavioral triggers our models can insure you are targeting the right person at the right time with the right message.

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